Human environment interaction

Human environment interaction- Describes how people effect there environment or natural surrounding and how their environment effects them.

An event that can relate to this is in the year 2011 august 20 hurricane Irene had taken a big effect in some environment. For an example the hurricane affects people by killing a 10 year old boy who died and left his family. Also the year 2005 around the same there was a hurricane that effected many people. Hurricane Katrina happens 2005. What you might not know is that it had a big effect on New Orleans.

In 2205 hurricane katrina hit New Orlans

But the environment isn’t the only one who affects us. We effect the environment to. When we don’t recycle we cause pollution. That hurts our environment in many ways. That’s why it’s so good to reduce reuse recycle


this video shows you how we destroy our Earth and how we can help it reduce reuse the three steps to help our enviroment

H.I.E explores the ways people adapt to or change their environment. One way to encourage our self to think about this concept is to play a "Before and After" matching game. Print copies of several places before and after development. Cut out these images, paste them on to cardstock squares, and mix them up.
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