The earth and degrees of latitude in black and white

A video of a person explaining what is Latitude

Latitudes lines

Latitude is a big part of earth imaginary lines that go around the earth from east to west they are parallels.They divid the earth in parts called degrees ,each degree is 60 .From each line there are 60 ormore miles in bettween ,there are alot of the lines that means alot of miles.

Did you know?

Equator circles the middie of the earth like a belt. It is located near north and south pole.
North and South follows the degree symble that tells you if it is not or South of the equator.
the North pole is 90 degrees notth latitude ,the South pole is 90 degrees South latitude.


Is the word latuitude used any way else in the world that
has nothing to do with earths latuitude?

BY:Teea Allmond,Angela Constantino,Domoniqe Swan.
Period 9
Year 2011,2012