Group : Briani Griffin, Abby Silver, Newsome
Author: Briani Griffin
The most important parts of a map are
1. Title- The title tells you what information the map is showing
2. Key- The key explains the symbols, colors, and lines on the map. The key is also called a legend.
3. Scale bar- A measuring lone, often called a scale bar, helps you figure distance on a map. The map scale shows the relationship betwee map measurements and actual distances on Earth.
4. Compass Rose- The compass rose is a symbol that tells you where the cardinal directions---north, south, east, and west---are positioned.
5. Cities- Cities are symbolized by a solid circle. This symbol is found on the key on a map.
6. Capitals- Capitals are symbolized by a star. This is found in the key and on a map
7. Boundary Lines- Boundary lines show the extent of an area's territory or political influence
This Picture is explaining the different parts of a map ( Title, key, scale etc)

This is the Other half of the map.Parts_of_a_Map_2.jpg
Some Educational Videos
map_3.jpgboundry_lines.jpgBoundary Lines
Part' s of a Map